Thune website is under development. Last updated April 26, 2020.

About me

My name is Øystein Thune and I’m from Norway. Since the letter Ø is not in the English vocabulary and it’s pretty difficult to pronounce, I will just call myself Einstein Thune.

I am a computer engineer, but ended up as a web developer, doing the Web’s work for almost 25 years now. So this website is going to be a website about me, what I do, and how I build websites in 2020 (that’s an article under development).

I also plan to publish my efforts in the make money online business, test the passive income concept, affiliate marketing (maybe), print on dem and dropshipping. And can it be done when your day job and family/hobbies takes all your time? Not sure…we’ll see.


I just feel like documenting some work now that I’m past 50. Maybe my motivation will change later on, but right now this is it.


I am now setting up some domains I have bought to start building some brands. Right now I batteling the shiny objects syndrome. When I recover from this I will be in about 3-4 niches.

The plan right now

Not sure where I will start, yet. But in Norway, I have a website called This is going to be a form of marketplace, but also a place where you can find different services. Here I am going to test products that I can use on other websites targeting an international audience. “Markedsplassen” is a pretty generic word in Norway and the empty website has about 200 new visitors a month. Let’s see if I can sell anything to these visitors and how I can increase the traffic and what tools I use along the way. The plan here is to show exactly what I do and both you and I may learn something along the way.

– Mr. Einstein Thune (newly started solo entrepreneur)

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