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Øystein Thune aka Einstein Thune

My name is Øystein Thune, and I’m from Norway. Since the letter Ø is not in the English vocabulary and it’s pretty difficult to pronounce, I will just call myself Einstein Thune.

I have a computer engineer degree from a university in Oslo, now called OsloMet. Since then I have been working with web design for companies, e-commerce stores, and web development since 1996 in a company called Internet Studio, here in Norway. Norwegians just say iStudio, and this was long before Apple put an “i” before every product they made.

I have 25 years of web development experience and I now feel I have enough confidence (no, I’ve just been too busy), to take my knowledge about website building to another level (or country). On this website, I will talk about how I build websites and why I think that’s more correct than other ways to do it. Stay thuned, so to speak…

I’m on a mission, not for God but for the animals.

I am doing very well here in Norway, and yes I could have just kept on living my life as I have always done, but I’m on a mission.

I’m vegan and it’s not to brag. This is how it is. You want to make an animal-friendly choice when it comes to spending money on a service. Your ethical choices will no longer just be made in a grocery store.

Farm animals are the most plagued and tortured creatures in the history of the world, and they are just babies. They never get to reach adulthood before they are slaughtered in a horrific way. Our fish in the sea are pulled up dying slowly suffocated on a ship deck. Farm animals are defenseless sentient beings that have exactly the same needs as you and me. They want to be free, be happy, caring for their children, and smile and enjoy their life. It’s bad, very bad.

It’s a war against animal cruelty and I want to be on the right side. Don’t hurt the poor animals that can’t defend themselves. It’s cruelty and you don’t want to be a part of it. I’m currently working on an information portal ( to make people wake up. When we buy meat, fish, milk, and cheese in the grocery store, we help support systems that exploit and hurt animals and destroy nature. We must end the madness now! is also economically supporting animal activists and organisations.

From knowing comes caring, from caring comes change!

Last updated Jul 14, 2021.