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We are a web consulting and holding company based in Norway. The new website is now under construction. (Last updated April 25, 2024).

Einstein Thune aka “iBoffo” projects under development and launching in 2024: (An AI Peace Organization that is going to influence the World and solve ) (The AI Artist that will create anything) (Musical merch, digital prints and accessories store) (World’s best WordPress and Woocommerce software and hosting package deal). (Digital Prints and Print On Demand – store) (Subscription and digital prints with an erotic spin) (An Art Concept that tells the story of the Arctic Tern “Cirro” and how it sees the world from a Birds Eye View) (The World needs another kind of hero you have never seen before, Volla from the Old Norse Mythology) (A Metaverse that integrates all the above projects) (The famous Los Linkos gang from SanSiesta) (Norwegian Marketplace that’s very local)